Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mark Your Calendar: Philadelphia Dog Haus

Admittedly, Philadelphia is a little outside of my normal beat, but I couldn't resist posting these dramatic images from the PSPCA Dog Haus, a designer showcase that's taken over a 20-room Victorian mansion in the city's Chestnut Hill area.

This space, dubbed the Drawing Room, is the brainchild of Philadelphia design studio Made on North American (M.O.N.A.). It's all dark glamour mingled with a lush, seductive strangeness. A little goth, a little Steampunk -- in other words, perfect for some pre-Halloween ogling:

(So Leslie, when are you moving in?)

Take the entire Drawing Room photographic tour right here -- and click here for more info on the Dog Haus showcase, which will be open to the public through November 9. All proceeds are earmarked to help abused and neglected animals in the state of Pennsylvania.


Leslie said...

hahah! How'd you know I love it?! I'm so predictable. sigh. Well at least I have a style! This is really awesome. I WANT THAT SEVERED HAND HOLDING THE BOOK THING!! It's like Havisham meets Alice in Wonderland. Super scary.

Katie said...

Awesome! I love the white/black thing, and all the oddly combined furniture. I wish I could go see it in person!

SHILL said...

WHOAAAA....the sofa, the birdcage, the lights...crazy cool!!!love them all!!!

Laura said...

I went to the Dog Haus this past weekend and it was pretty amazing. I put some photos on my blog.


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