Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cool Stuff: Brooklyn Tableware from Fishs Eddy

My husband and I are both California natives, and have spent most of our lives here. But although Oakland is home now, Brooklyn will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our daughter born there, for one -- that's her below on the stoop of the apartment building where she entered the world. (Yes, she was born at home -- by accident. It's a long story.) And building snowmen in the schoolyard across the street and climbing onto the bus for the ride to playgroup in Park Slope are some of our son's very first memories. We also made several amazing and, I hope, lifelong friends during our stint in the brownstone-filled borough.

So when a pal reminded me yesterday of Fishs Eddy, the incredible New York dishware outlet that we used to frequent in our NYC days, I popped over to the company's website to see what was on offer, and was delighted to discover this line of whimsical Brooklyn-themed items.

Clockwise from top left: Glass, Square Plate, Tote, Mug, Small Tray, Cereal Bowl. Prices range from just $4 to about $14 per piece. Check out the entire collection right here.

P.S. If you find yourself in New York, don't pass up a chance to visit the flagship Fishs Eddy on Broadway at 19th. In addition to the company's own signature wares, you'll find a mindblowing collection of unique table- and servingware salvaged from hotels and restaurants across the country.


Pigtown-Design said...

I have one of their old mugs with the NYC skyline on it, with the Trade Towers. It was one of the few things i kept when i moved.

beachbungalow8 said...

i LOVE that photo of you fam. I feel the same way about sf. and if fishs eddy would do an sf version, i'd scoop it up.

a friend just had her baby on the sidewalk in nyc. not kidding. trying to get into the cab, it just sort of slipped out. those darn second babies.

jenniferz said...

I love Fishs Eddy! They've got so many great lines of merchandise available on their site but you're right, the store near Union Square is a great experience. I always end up buying something when I stop in there. I've got the Brooklyn small tray and gave my sister the tote bag, S&P shakers and tee shirt when she moved from the Slope to SF. Great store, mentioned on a great blog!


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