Friday, October 24, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Brenda Rose

One of the biggest disappointments during our trip to Portland this summer was that when we showed up, the shop Noun: A Person's Place for Things, which I'd heard great things about and was excited to check out, was closed.

So there I was, stuck with my nose pressed against the glass the afternoon before we headed out of town, admiring all of the lovely things behind the locked doors. Some of them were petite pieces of art hung on the wall, which I immediately recognized as the work of local artist Brenda Rose. I really like Rose's mixed-media (and often multi-dimensional) creations, which are simple and sweet without being twee.

Oh, well -- until our next trip to Portland, there's always Etsy, right? Some of Rose's artwork currently for sale there: Girl Feeding Ducks, above, $185

Trees and Bird in Frame, $75

Woman With Hens, $125

Girl and Birds, $90

Lovely Weed in Frame, $45

Dandy, $70

Cyclist, $35

Check out all of Rose's Etsy offerings right here.


Beth said...

I always look to your site for inspiration. I think of you as my personal shopper who can suss out all of the cool finds on the internet. When I saw your post today, I knew I HAD to have the birds and trees art by Brenda Rose. Very cool and orginal. I bought it!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

I'm going to put Girl and Birds on my Christmas list!

brenda rose said...

wow thanks! i feel so flattered!
hopefully you'll get another chance to check out NOUN--it's the perfect little shop.

rayrose said...


Noun: a person's place for things said...

Leah, just came across your post. bummer that you came to visit our little shop on our one day off. let us know when you are back in the area. meeting folks who like Brenda Rose's work can do us no wrong.


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