Monday, October 20, 2008

Cool Tool: Design/ers for Obama Downloadable Posters

File this one under: "Since I've already blown my political cover for the day ... "

For those of you who are of the Obama/Biden persuasion (and I do realize and respect the fact that by no means all of you are), Design/ers for Obama has made available for free downloading dozens of great, graphic campaign posters (like Obama, above).

Simply choose the poster you want, decide if you'd prefer it as one 8.5-by-11-inch image on a single sheet of paper, a 17-by-22-inch image on four sheets, or a 26-by-33-inch image on nine sheets, then click "print."

Some of my favorite designs:

Obama Mosaic

In Progress

I Want O


Yes We Can - Vote for Change

Break Through

Yes We Can

Obama is the New Green

Mr. President

See all of Design/ers for Obama's free downloadable posters right here.


beachbungalow8 said...

the light blue, 'change' and the red' yes we can' are great messages for anyone. no matter the your persuasion

porter hovey said...


These are all fantastic

just jan said...

i click over to your blog almost everyday, it provides great and fun, article, links and stuff that make for a nice little to as your title says waste time and provide an escape from the mundane as well as the true reality. I can't afford a lot of the stuff you post, but by golly, i know right where it would go in my apartment.

My point is I truly wish that you would not go political. I think it is garbage. Mostly, I guess I object to the fact that store windows (at least in Los Angeles) can have giant window devoted to your lord and savior, Barack Obama, and I can't keep a small John McCain bumper sticker on my own car without it getting ripped off or being verbally assaulted. I look at non-political blogs for inspiration in decorating my apartment, gift ideas, recipes, and other such stuff. I go to political websites/blogs for both sides to get my political inspiration. please stop posting anything political. this may make me stop reading your blog

corine said...

I lost a few subscriptions for blogging about politics, but you can't be everything to everybody, or you loose your soul.


Sarah said...

I love these! Wouldn't they look great as postage stamps?!

P.S. Thanks for sharing your political thoughts. It makes me, as a reader, feel more connected to you. You're not just some phantom author. Whether I agree with your political thoughts or not, I like to know just a little bit more about the authors of blogs I read- whether it be through pictures from family vacations or thoughts as to what's going on in this world.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Who wouldn't want to be on the same team with all the creative thinkers and artists?

dijoh27 said...

I agree with Just Jan...please keep politics out of this blog! I want to read about great design ideas not stumping for candidates!

JPM said...

Excellent! Also, check out this one from Austin illustrator Guy Juke:

Let's hear it for inspiration...Go Obama/Biden!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, some harsh critics here. I lost some readers when I went on my Sarah Palin is a Failure rant and like a previous poster here already said - you can't be everything to everyone. You do a great job providing design inspiration but obviously that's not all you are. I think the way you noted your political support was done very subtly and not at all inappropriate given that you've also shared pictures of your home.

Van Polk said...

Okay, here's some posters representing the other side. :P

ambient said...

I think the design here is just gorgeous, thank you for sharing these. While I am a hardcore democrat, I am not an Obama fanatic, and I still enjoyed these greatly. I think the dissenters above are missing the point -- your blog displays things that appeal to you visually, and this post does not deviate from that mission statement. You are sharing some beautifully designed posters, not posting "garbage" or "stumping for a candidate". When you post something that I don't agree is attractive or entrancing, I merely click on to the next post -- I suggest they consider doing the same.

Anonymous said...

since you last post, the design/ers for obama site have some more great submissions, check them out.
VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, tomorrow is a big day for american

Clare said...

These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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