Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Made by Mavis Moss Terrariums

Such a simple but charming idea: Etsy seller Made by Mavis has created these sweet terrariums by filling a variety of vintage kitchen vessels with slow-growing moss. Above: Large Moss Terrarium, $35

Vintage Pyrex Casserole Terrarium, $49

Study of Moss and Ferns Terrarium, $48

Large Moss Terrarium With Tiny Sheep, $58

Moss Terrarium With Tiny Gnome Home, $42

Mini Moss Terrariums, $38

Check out all of the crafty items in Made by Mavis's Etsy shop.

P.S. If you're short on cash (and really, who isn't these days?), you can take inspiration from Mavis's examples and create your own inventive terrariums with a collection of thrift store or flea market vessels, a bag of potting soil, and a flat of moss from your local nursery.


Joe Girl said...

Amazing. I think these terrariums are sweet, sweet, sweet! i can see a line of minis down the centre of a fresh, white-linen-dressed dining table. Or in a spa bathroom. Great for kids' projects too!

Thanks for sourcing this fab Etsy shop, Leah!

C. said...
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C. said...

The butter-dish terrarium breaks my heart a little bit. I feel a new collection craving coming on!...

beachbungalow8 said...

like little elf traps. super cute.

Tracey said...

Very cute! I loved Joe Girl's comments about using them in a spa bath or as a centerpiece!

Terri said...

I like that idea! Thanks

Katie said...

Soooo cute! I have been wanting to make some terrariums for awhile. I can't get over that one with the little gnome house.


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