Thursday, December 6, 2007

Etsy Finds of the Day: Tag It

Now that you have all your independently designed, handmade, eco-friendly wrapping paper squared away, it's time to stock up on some equally charming and unique gift tags from those crafty Etsy sellers:

Top: Modern Gift Tags, $5 for six from mel829

Let It Snow Gift Tags, eight for $6 from kiss 'n tell

Pinwheel Gift Tags, $4.75 each from Whimsy Love

Snowflake Gift Tags, $5 for ten from made by them

Pattern Gift Tags, $3.50 for 18 from Elfrida Paper Goods

Chartreuse and Olive Gift Tags, $1.80 for four from Modern Card

Hide and Seek Silhouette Gift Tags, $6 for 12 from amelia mae

Silver and Blue Screenprinted Gift Tags, $5 for six from UglyKitty

Mod Pod Merry Christmas Tags, ten for $4.25; French Text Christmas Tags, six for $3; and Orange and Turquoise Swing Tags, ten for $4 from the Craft Pantry

Cherry Blossom Tags, $2.75 for five from AlignwithDesign

Great Mistakes Scrap Tags, $5 for 20 from Suzanne Buchanan Designs

Snowflake Circle Tags, $3.50 for 22 from Elle's Studio

Peppermint Holiday Gift Tags, eight for $3 from Pinky Creations

Flower Mix Gift Tags, $8 for 24 from SpaceDog Studios

Vintage Green Christmas Tree Tags, $3 for three; Festive Poinsettia Tags and Green Ornament Tags, $2 for eight; and Grand Assortment Holiday Tags, $9.50 for ten from Petite Pear Paperie

Fawn Tags, $8.50 for 16 from charliemotel

Square Holiday Tags, 24 for $5 from Spinlady

Modern Gothic Gift Tags, eight for $5 from mack (delicious) handmade goods

P.S. Many of these would make fun tree decorations, too.

Up next: Etsy Stocking Shopping


if time exists said...

I definitely couldn't resist those patterned gift tags from Elfrida. Thanks for this feature!

suzanne said...

Thank you so much for featuring my tags!!!! Your site is awesome...definitely one I'll be linking to and checking often!

Jaimee McClellan said...

Thanks! You're my first "tagger".
Love your site...tons of great stuff.

Bethany said...

BEAUTIFUL tags! Great choices! I am SO addicted to your site. Ok, to bed to bed for me!


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