Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cool Stuff: Gifts for Bloggers

Last night, my blogging buddies Porcelain and Cardboard from the awesome Design Boner tagged me with a virtual holiday gift. Isn't the Erich Ginder Ghost Tree Rack, $1,700 from Design Public, just perfect? Thanks, guys -- I love it!

Now it's my turn to gift some of the blogging friends I've made this past year. I've never met any of these ladies (or gents) in person, but I feel they're all kindred spirits. More importantly, they inspire me, educate me, entertain me, and make me laugh every single day. (And it's thanks to them that I can never seem to get any work done.)

Please note that the relative price of these items has nothing to do with my affection for each these bloggers.

First up, of course, has to be my Design Boner peeps:

For Porcelain:
Porcelain Golden Honey Bowls With Woven Rocks, $225 for three from White Forest Pottery (duh)

For Cardboard:
Cardboard Deer Trophy Puzzles, $12 to $44 from Cardboard Safari (duh again)

For Holly at decor8:
Morrissey Silhouette Pillow from Etsy seller Olive, as soon as she makes some more (because Holly loves her some Mozza)

For mom-to-be Angela at Shelterrific:
My Mom is e-Famous Baby Tee, $16 from Miss Domestic

For Nicole at Pink Loves Brown and Making It Lovely:
Cocobola Print, $25 from Etsy seller Melissa Moss (for obvious reasons)

For Laure of At Home at Home and Apartment Therapy: Los Angeles:
Poolside Drinks at the Figueroa Hotel

For Kate at Girl Meets Glamour:
A $100,000 gift certificate for 1stDibs (because girlfriend has seriously good, champagne-and-caviar decorating taste)

For Katie at Katiedid:
"Save Katie" print, $10 from The Poster List

For Hannah at Printer & Piemaker:
Cathrineholm Blue Lotus Plate, $37 from eBay seller nantiques20 (because this would be perfect for her new turquoise kitchen)

For Catherine at Scrappy Girl Decorates:
A $1,000 gift certificate to the Rug Company (so she can just go ahead and get a living room rug, already)

For Victoria at sfgirlbybay:
The $1,000 Reader's Choice Award in the Domino Decorating Contest

For Megan at BeachBungalow8:
Martha Stewart: Just Desserts, The Unauthorized Biography, 1 cent at Amazon (because we all know how much Megan love/hates Our Lord and Savior)

For Your Mama at The Real Estalker:
The "Metallica Mansion" in Pacific Heights, $10.5M (because Kirk Hammett's on-the-block Gold Coast dowager is probably the closest thing we have to celebrity real estate in these parts)

For Tom and Lorenzo at Tom & Lorenzo and Project RunGay:

All-Gay New Year's Caribbean Cruise, $5,950 at Travelpride (because these guys deserve a break from all that hilariously catty blogging they do)

And finally, for all of you:

Bouquet of Roses, by flickr member Welshlady

A dozen red roses and my undying gratitude. Thanks so much for reading!

P.S. What virtual gifts would you give to your favorite bloggers? Post your ideas in the comments box and let us all know!


sfgirlbybay said...

This is awesome!! Thanks so much for my gift, Leah! :)

Unknown said...

Leah these are adorable and seriously made me laugh. I think Cathy is going to like your rug comment, I can see her smiling at that one!! Too cute.
Did you know she likes Morrissey too? But not nearly as much as me.

suzanne cabrera said...

Heehee...this is great! There is no way I can compete with your gift giving abilities! I love the "my mom blogs" t-shirt. Wish I had a baby to wear it!

beachbungalow8 said...

oh thank you thank you! decorno,you can come sit by me and will pass the bottle taking swigs as we flip through the, unauthorized, first testament of our lord and savior.

katiedid said...

Thanks Leah! I saw that poster and almost bought it for myself. Heaven knows I could use some saving on a fairly regular basis. I so appreciate that you thought of me. And pass a swing o' that vodka my direction would ja?

girl meets glamour said...

OMG!! Thanks for my gift I can buy like 3 things from there...just kidding :) It's perfect, just what I always wanted!!! Now, I've got to think about whose getting what from me....hmmmm

I may be passing out some 'virtual' bottles of booze too...tis the season!


Cardboard said...

Thanks, Leah, for the cardboard puzzle. Haha, it's just the thing I need to calm me down after holidays with the fam. Come to think of it, pass me that bottle of Vodka, er now wait, let's go buy some Gin, shall we?

Happy Season, all of you lucky bloggers!

deidre joyner said...

I would give my favorite blogger the world's best deep tissue message from Oakland Massage Therapist, Asha Stokes. Pure Heaven!

Making it Lovely said...

Pink + brown… however did you know? ;)



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