Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cool Stuff: Anno Unni Panel

Speaking of design trends that may have played themselves out (but that I still can't get enough of) ...

I spotted these fabric panels hung in a beautiful "snowy woodland" shop window display the other evening, and rushed back inside to ask the owner where she got them. Being the proprietress of a store that focuses on independent and vintage design, she was a little embarrassed to admit that they came from IKEA. (Don't worry, J. -- your secret is safe with me. Errr ... well, maybe not your secret, but at least your identity. ;-)

How could I -- "tree tramp" that I am -- possible have missed these? I fully admit to a love/hate relationship with the Swedish superstore. I despise the shoddy construction, mass-produced nature, disposability, and ubiquity of most of IKEA's goods. But I adore being able to pop in and pick up a few fun, modern -- and yes, somewhat disposable -- home accents without bankrupting myself.

The fact is, I had just been at the blue behemoth that afternoon to get some cheap-but-funky wrapping paper, and had even wandered through the window-coverings department to see what was new. Had I seen these Anno Unni panels, I surely would have grabbed them -- as unable to resist as a junkie who stumbles upon a fix.

I still may find a reason to sneak back this week and snap them up. Our house has no more windows that need covering, but these are perfect for winter decorating, and would be great as table runners or even wall hangings. And -- as it is with IKEA -- you just can't beat the price: $30 for two 24-by-118-inch panels.

Check 'em out right here.

P.S. A couple of other IKEA items that tempted me, but that I valiantly resisted:

Stockholm Stad Cushion, $13

Unni Rug, $20

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