Friday, December 21, 2007

eBay Find of the Day: Swiss Army Blanket

When it comes to Utilitarian Chic, you can't beat a vintage Swiss Army blanket. There's that graphic red stripe and white cross, and the earthy gray-brown nubby wool. These circa-1930s to -1950s military-issue throws are perfect for draping across the back of a sofa or folding at the foot of your bed to add a shot of color and texture to the room and to help ward off the winter chill.

Photo by Don Freeman for House Beautiful

Here's one in designer John Peixinho's (very traditional) Newport, Rhode Island Home.

And here's a not-dissimilar wool Army blanket employed in a much more modern way in Portland's uber-hip Ace Hotel.

Robert Redford's Sundance catalog is hawking Swiss Army blankets for (a shocking) $289 a pop -- but you can snag one for a tenth of that price on eBay. The vintage blanket pictured at top, for instance, measures 56 by 77 inches and is in excellent vintage condition.

Current bid: $28. (If the auction has ended by the time you read this, simply run a quick search for others.)


Pigtown-Design said...

If you go to the right thrift stores, you can often find vintage wool blankets there. A good dry-cleaning and they're ready!

I've found a couple of those wonderful Hudson Bay blankets with the green, red and yellow stripes.

Sven said...

Good Job! :)


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