Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cool Stuff: O Plus D Holiday Cards

Full disclosure: I get a bit Grinchy this time of year.

I just don't care much for all of the forced good cheer, the mandatory mall-shopping, and the sometimes-tiresome familial togetherness. I'm about as excited about the prospect of sending out dozens of holiday cards as I am about an upcoming tooth extraction. And unless they contain a meaningful personal note or at the very least are really cool-looking, the cards that land in our mailbox -- especially those from people we haven't heard from since the last impersonal Christmas card -- are likely to be deposited straight in the recycling bin.

And the dreaded "Christmas letters"? In my opinion, these are only tolerable as satire. In fact, I keep toying with the idea of distributing a holiday letter that cheerfully informs our friends and relatives of the year's actual goings-on. You know, like: "Leah went up another pant size and strove valiantly to keep the encroaching 'Is this really all there is?' ennui at bay. Meanwhile, Nick finally made peace with his receding hairline and continued to nurse a secret crush on the kids' former elementary school principal. (Even Leah had to admit that, with her lustrous silver bob and still-lithe figure, the principal was smokin' hot.)" But somehow I don't think our collective kin would get the joke.

So anyway, if you're reading this and you're one of the members of our extended family who's in the habit of sending out generic Christmas cards or painfully sincere "the year that was" letters, please just don't.

If, however, you want to send us one of the wonderfully caustic cards from Los Angeles designer Olga Krigman's O Plus D (Offensive + Delightful) line, we'd be tickled to get it.

"Here's Your F-ing Christmas Card," above, is my all-time favorite. Some other good ones:

Chanukkah Schmanukkah

Happy F-ing Holidays!

Time to Start Drinking

I'm Going to Need a Lot of Eggnog

Resolutions ... Why Bother?

Happy F-ing New Year!

O Plus D holiday cards are $4.25 each or $20 for a set of ten. Get yours right here.

And while you're there, Krigman's all-occasion cards are definitely worth a look, too. (I should probably stock up on a few of those "I'm an Asshole" apology cards for any of my Christmas-letter-writing relatives who are, in fact, reading this, huh?)


laure said...

I absolutely love these. just brilliant! thanks for finding them.

Unknown said...

Amen Sister !

florspace said...

Oooooh those cards are priceless. And jeers to those effing christmas letter. :P

Jennifer said...

These are FUCKING AWESOME. I want one of everything!

casacaudill said...

my husband's aunt and her daughter send the christmas letters. i tend to find their lives pretty much awful (yes, that makes me a bad person - i'm okay with this) so reading them is extra torturous. there is nothing wonderful about getting knocked up on accident, marrying the guy anyway, and then having him leave you for another woman, but they always try to make it sound like their lives are awesome. :)

i should send them one of those cards. they're perfect.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly. Most of the holiday-ish stuff drives me crazy because it seems to bring out the worst in people, instead of the best.

My favorite has definitely got to be "Time to Start Drinking". And your prospective holiday letter cracked me up. I sooooo want to write one now.


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