Friday, December 7, 2007

Cool Stuff: Lauren Saunders Pillows

Since my daughter and I learned to knit recently, I've been having a love affair with yarn. (You don't even want to know what kind of cash I've dropped on skein after skein of silky-soft vegetable-dyed alpaca at our local "boutique" knitting store. After I added it all up, I vowed to stock up on yarn from the discount craft store instead. But I fear it's already too late -- the good stuff has spoiled me.)

Anyway, in addition to knitting up a storm of amateurishly-crafted but lovingly-made scarves for my family, I'm finding myself drawn to all kinds of knitted goods recently -- especially textiles and housewares. (After all, what could be warmer and cozier when it's cold and gray outside?) So when I spotted these pillows by Lauren Saunders the other day, I was instantly smitten.

The Los Angeles designer is inspired by the California coast and other western geography, which figures prominently -- albeit abstractly -- in her organic creations, as well as by modern art. As she says, "I often ... [use] yarn and color combinations the same as I would paint on a canvas."

The pillows are unabashedly luxurious and tactile, too -- hand loomed from fuzzy mohair, llama, and merino wool and backed with nubby, 100 percent linen. They're not cheap, but boy, are they yummy.

Take a look:

Slice, $320 to $375

Strata, $165 to $190

Transition, $135 to $160

Wild Grass, $320 to $375

Ocean, $215 to $375

Flow, $165 to $190

The pillows are available from these retailers or through the Lauren Saunders website.


TLo said...

Those are gorgeous! BTW, fabulous blog, darling.

coolhntr said...

Funny that you should bring this up today because I too have recently started knitting and love everything knit related. These pillows are divine. True art!


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