Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Trendspotting: Ginkgo Goodness

I simply adore ginkgo trees this time of year, with those trademark blazing yellow leaves dripping from their branches and scattering along sidewalks and pathways.

The ginkgo leaf is, of course, a familiar motif in Japanese and Japanese-inspired pottery and textiles. It was also popular during the Arts and Crafts movement in the early 20th century. But lately I've been seeing ginkgo leaves employed in more modern, graphic ways as well.

Take a look:

Twenty2 Montague Pillow, $115 to $125 at DesignPublic

Modern Basics Ginkgo Pillow, $96 at DesignPublic

Autumn Leaves Pillows, $15 at Wrapables

Ginkgo Leaf Hook, $14.50 from Etsy seller rjablacksmith

The Wish Tree print, $18 from Etsy seller jhiro

Falling Ginkgo Leaves print by Wolfie and the Sneak, $30 at Vitamin (D)esign

Montague Wallpaper by Twenty2, $147 per roll

Ginkgo Wall Art, $359 at VivaTerra

Stacey Asato Ginkgo Leaf Magnets, $11.50 at Parkside Papers

Flutter Leather Cloth by Catherine Hammerton

Ginkgo Side Zipper Bag by Funtote, $26 at Vitamin (D)esign

Pretty Little Ginkgo Plate, $7.50 from Etsy seller Sumiko

Enameled Copper Ginkgo Leaf Plates, $190 to $480 at Vivre

Ginkgo Leaf Tray, $95 at Violet

Gold Ginkgo Table Napkin by Dermond Peterson

Ginkgo Leaf Table Runner by Dermond Peterson

Handscreened Ginkgo Fabric, $17 per half-meter from Etsy seller Kirin & Co.

(Photo at top: "Yellow," by flickr member jam343.)


beckie said...

I love ginkgo stuff! There is something so appealing about the shape of the leaves.

Wonderful selection!

Pigtown*Design said...

I love ginkgo leaves,too... especially at this time of year. but have you ever smelled the rotting berries. it will make you cry, it is so awful. like rotting throw-up.

Anonymous said...

There are a few here even I haven't seen.

Great work. :)

pınar said...

Perfect !I 'm very lucky to live in Tokyo coz there are many ginkgos..really nice works, congrats,


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