Thursday, November 29, 2007

Etsy Find of the Day: Swallowfield

Nick and I just finished watching the second season of Weeds on DVD, and the "Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of tickytacky" theme song has been running through my head for days.

So the title of the print above ("Little Boxes on the Hillside," natch), by Portland, Maine artist Jennifer Judd-McGee (aka Etsy seller Swallowfield), immediately grabbed my attention.

Judd-McGee's illustrations and collages remind me of quilts, and I love how they invoke a cozy feeling of home while still being graphic and modern. In addition to her "houses" prints, she also has some interesting abstract works.

As usual, I had a really hard time whittling down my list of favorites:

Close Quarters, $18

Neighborly, $18

I Like the Trees Outside My Window, $22

Little Blue House, $18

Home, $18

A Room of One's Own, $18

Triangles, $18

Orange and Black, $18

Lives of a Cell, $18

I Feel Lucky, $15

Click here to see all of the offerings in the Swallowfield Etsy shop -- including some sweet gocco holiday cards.


Blue Yonder said...

Found your site via Jen's Flickr page, and I just love it! Lots of inspiration and goodness to be found here.

Caroline said...

Love Swallowfield's work! Great feature - you picked some of my favorites, too. :)


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