Monday, November 19, 2007

Cool Stuff: Envirosax Amazonia Bags

I really, really need to get some of these Amazonia-print Envirosax reusable bags.

I like their bright, fun designs (so much so that I'd be temped to use them for a lot more than just lugging groceries home), generous size (nearly 20 by 17 inches), and the fact that they'll help me curtail my own 500-bag contribution to the one trillion plastic bags that are tossed into landfills every year, each of which will take up to a thousand years to break down (damn!).

OK, 'nuff said. I'm on it.

On sale for $35 for the set of five from Bright and Bold.

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Unknown said...

Please, please pick up some reusable bags for shopping. Those of us in the developing world actually see the plastic that accumulates and it is disgusting. Especially for people who use a car to shop, there really is no reason to not put a few cloth bags in the trunk to always have on hand. Plus, plastic is so ugly-- look how pretty these bags are. Many shops will give you a few cents off for using your own bags and you will not believe how the savings add up!


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