Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cool Stuff: For the Mod Tot

Modern Gingerbread House, $78 from Red Envelope

Aren't gingerbread houses basically made from graham crackers, tubs of store-bought cake frosting, leftover Halloween candy, and paper plates? (Not that I've ever made one with my own kids, mind you -- I told you I'm not crafty. But when they bring them home from school, at least that's what they appear to be constructed from.)

If you're looking for an actual fancy gingerbread house kit, though -- and if you're the kind of strict modernist who insists that your offspring or other young 'uns in your life be reared with the proper reverence for your chosen aesthetic -- then the gingerbread house above is most definitely the one for you. (Thanks for the tip, hansfamily!)

While we're here, a couple more kids' modern stocking stuffers that may be up your alley:

M is for Modern Alphabet Cards, $25 from Jargon Boy

Forget "Apple," "Banana," and "Cat" -- try flashing "A-Frame," "Bauhaus" and "Constructivist" with these clever alphabet cards. Because it's never too soon to start schooling your mini in the basic tenets of Midcentury design.

Villa Sibi Dollhouse, $690 from Sparkability

Hey, they've got to learn sooner or later that good design doesn't come cheap.

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