Friday, January 30, 2009

Over and Out

Photo courtesy of ~anjie

I'm so looking forward to the Alameda flea market Sunday morning -- we haven't been in months and months.

Here's to undiscovered treasures, and discovering them. Have a lovely weekend!


Redwood Girl said...

I've never been to the Alameda flea market - is it worth it to pay the extra money to get in early?

Leah said...

Hi Redwood Girl --

I think it depends on whether you're seriously on the hunt for something (in which case, yes), or just want to go for fun and inspiration (which is still in plentiful supply after 9, when the entrance fee drops to $5).

I like to split the difference and get there right at 7:30, when the entrance fee drops from $15 (for the serious earlybirds) to $10. It's less crowded, there's still lots of good stuff that hasn't been snapped up yet, and I'm home by 10.

Any time you go, though, it's definitely worth it -- there are over 800 vendors there!


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