Monday, January 26, 2009

Etsy Find of the Day: Summerland Salvaged Furniture

Even in a modern space, I love a few vintage pieces mixed in -- it imparts much-needed character and personality, and lends an element of the unexpected. I also appreciate timeworn furnishings that have been given a new lease on life with updated upholstery, a surprising paint color, or clever alteration. And that's exactly what Etsy seller Summerland does. Above: Acid Green Dresser (which reveals a flash of hot pink when you open the drawers), $300

Wall-Mounted Demilune Table, $135

Teardrop Vase Pendant Lamp, $80

Sweet and Cheeky Chair, $225

Robin's Egg Blue Wool Sofa, $1,200

See all of Summerland's Etsy offerings right here.


Arlynn said...

You're so right about adding a touch of vintage/antique! I think it adds so much depth & history to a space, even if done using unique antiques, or turning vintage fabrics into throw pillows.

Have fun with your lovely finds : )


Anonymous said...

That couch is gorgeous, and I will take all the adorable animal pillows, too, please.

Cynthia said...

What a wonderful surprise to see a copy of my book Feeding the Whole Family perched on the wall-mounted demilune table. Fun.
Cynthia Lair

Jenny Sue Jewelry said...

i can't wait to move out, just so i can paint all my old furniture.

Denise Kiggan said...

What a beautiful blue sofa!

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Nia from Summerland Style! I'm thrilled to hear so many wonderful comments about my furniture. I'm always itching to redo things in an over-the-top way so it's nice to see what things really catch people's eyes on cool blogs like this one! Maybe I'll go super bold on my next project. . .

Desiree said...

That.. chair..! Oh my word.
Deer AND damask. <3 Love!


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