Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Artful Home: Lisa DeJohn

I really like these prints from West Newbury, Massachusetts artist Lisa DeJohn -- they're sweet, simple, and ever-so-slightly retro. Clockwise from top left: Blue Flower, Green Vines, Yellow Lupine, and Jade. Each 8.5-by-11-inch print is $35, or $60 for a 13-by-19 right here. (The originals are available, too.)

DeJohn is quite the busy, successful bee right now: She has a canvas available at Urban Outfitters (above, $15), a set of charming prints at children's decor retailer Land of Nod (also above, $69 each), journals and calendars from Chronicle Books, notebooks from Pinball Publishing ($9 each), and a variety of other colorful and affordably priced items bearing her artwork. Plus, she recently painted a 175-foot water tower (below) in Albuquerque, New Mexico -- whew!

Check out more of DeJohn's work here.


Arlynn said...

WOW, these pieces are all just so wonderful! I love the mixure of colors & textures, not to mention the sweet subject matter, ahhh... I need a piece of her work in my nome. Now.

Thanks for the great find!!!



Kara said...

I thought "Blue Flower" looked familiar! I bought that print at Ikea a couple of year ago. It was the color inspiration for my vacation condo in the mountains. Ice blue for the main living areas and dill pickle for the kitchen. I hope the artist got a big commission from my Ikea purchase.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love her work! I'm so glad you featured her, though now I can't decide which print I will have to get.

Ana Herda said...

I also have the ikea print. I'm glad you posted this, it gave me a chance to better know the artist.

Sheena Sayre said...

Leah, my boyfriend's sister has the top left picture! I love it :)


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