Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Artful Home: We = Trouble

Last fall, the print-release site Tiny Showcase put together a group show at Brooklyn's Secret Project Robot gallery. Called We = Trouble, the show featured collaborative works (as well as several solo pieces) by a international group of 32 artists. (Above: Three Cranes and a Deer by Nigel Peake and Holly Rice.)

The exhibit "was designed to showcase communities of artists that do not subscribe to traditional art world values of egocentricity and competition, but rather foster communities of trust and encouragement. Sixteen artists were given complete freedom to invite a partner that they would most enjoy collaborating with. Responding with an avalanche of marathon drawing jams, long-distance parcel post, fake feuds, spying, empty threats, pseudo sabotage, and curiosity, the participants spent the last six months oscillating between forgetting about the show altogether to pulling all-nighters just trying to out-trouble one another, or simply trying to trouble to their maximum extent."

A few of the artists are familiar names -- there's a significant Bay Area contribution, for instance -- but many of them are new to me (and several of those were love at first sight). Now these original artworks are available through the Tiny Showcase website. Some of my favorite pieces:

Slutty Plan by Riikka Sormunen

Pony by Riikka Sormunen

Sex Grill by Jaakko Pallasvuo and Riikka Sormunen

Caves, Telescopes, and Slides by Nigel Peake and Holly Rice

Acclimation Blast by Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch

North by Caroline Gaedechens

Secrets by Caroline Gaedechens and 1911 (aka The Good Machinery)

Bird Series V by Matt Furie and Aiyana Udesen

Ghost in the Graveyard by Jen Corace

We Were There by Catia Chen and Danni Meyerson

Boglight by Michelle Blade and Marci Washington

The Wanderer by Michelle Blade and Marci Washington

Moon Mouth by Michelle Blade and Marci Washington

Moon Bathing by Michelle Blade, Jay Howell, and Ferris Plock

Bones by Jay Howell, Deth P. Sun, and Ferris Plock

Lost Marbles by Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall

Untitled by Erin Althea and Drew Beckmeyer

Purple Panties by Mike Bertino and Daniel Gibson

Check out all of the featured pieces here, and contact Tiny Showcase for info and pricing on available works.

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