Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cool Stuff: Irana Douer's Path to World Domination

Speaking of Irana Douer ...

If original art is out of your price range, young Ms. Douer has also created a variety of budget-friendly prints, housewares, and other items bearing her strange and beautiful artwork. Top: Untitled limited-edition Giclee print, $40 at Poketo

Wallet 2, $20 at Poketo

Untitled 6 ($20), Todo Pelo ($20), and Angel ($25) archival prints, all at Thumbtack Press

Hair Pillow, $30 Australian (about $20 US) at Third Drawer Down

Portraits of Broken Hearted Women limited-edition 'zine, $7 at Islands Fold

Maria, Christina, and Nadia, teacups, $46 each at LAMA

Safiya Cup, $48 at Makool Loves You

Check out more of Douer's artwork and other creations right here.

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