Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Objects of Lust: Bodo Sperlein Light Sculptures

Pardon me while I mop the drool off my keyboard ...

Above: Teardrop Light Sculpture by London-based designer Bodo Sperlein

Capsule de Fleur Light Sculpture

Botanics Light Sculpture

Droplet Light Sculptures

Freeze Frame Butterflies Hanging Lamp for Lladró, $2,400 at Lladró

Niagara Chanelier for Lladró, $45,000 to $90,000 (depending on size) at Tart

Prices for the rest are "upon request" -- which really means "Don't Even Ask."

(Via Ill Seen, Ill Said.)


Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Those lamps are fabulous! They are functional scupture.I especially like the Freeze Frame Butterflies Hanging Lamp.

Jane Flanagan said...

Thanks for the shout out.



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