Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Etsy Find: Villareal Ceramics

My love for white porcelain knows no bounds. And white porcelain coaxed by hand into nature's most beautiful forms? Yes, please. These porcelain creations from Montreal, Canada Etsy seller Villareal Ceramics come with a keyhole in the back for easy hanging, or can simply be placed on a shelf or tabletop for a simple, beautiful vignette. Above: Magnolia, $54

Rose Pillow, $35

Ghost Tree, $35

Magnolia Point, $54

Stripe Home, $22

Iceberg Roots, $65

See all of Villareal Ceramics' Etsy offerings right here.


Bri said...

I'm always impressed by ceramics - you have to have such a steady delicate hand to make that work!

Unknown said...

oh these are fabulous! And right on Etsy? I love the wall sculptures.

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh that little striped home is adorable.

French furniture said...

Delightful and delicate!

Anonymous said...

Etsy makes me happier and happier every day! The things you can find!

Unknown said...

The Magnolia Point looks amazing! Thanks for sharing



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