Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cool Stuff: Wallpaper by the Yard

If wallpapering an entire room or even a whole wall is too much of a commitment (or investment), take heart: Julia Rothman's incredible wallpaper designs are now available by the yard. Use them for framing, accenting furniture, and other fun household projects.

My faves: Daydream in Blue and Treet in White.

The paper is $20 per yard at Hygge & West.


Pauline Wiles said...

Brilliant find! There are so many great craft projects which require bits and pieces of wallpaper - I will definitely be checking these out, thank you!

Yansy said...

Thanks for posting. I'm definitely planning on incorporating a couple of them on my new gallery wall.

P.S I love your house.

Anonymous said...

Actually... it's not by the yard.
It's only an 8.5"x11" scrap.
Kind of misleading....

Leah said...

Anonymous -- please note that this was originally posted in June of 2009. They must have discontinued the wallpaper-by-the-yard service since then.


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