Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bonus Deal of the Day: Wall Blank Vault Sale

I love that so many great print-release sites -- places where you can find limited editions of work from emerging and established artists -- are popping up around the internet, because that means it's never been easier to discover new artists and to fill your home with interesting and affordable art. 20x200 and Tiny Showcase are perennial faves, of course, but another that's new to me is Wall Blank.

The site offers one new archival-quality Giclee print each weekday, which is then available for just one week or until it sells out (whichever comes first). And on Fridays, 100 percent of the proceeds from that day's print are donated to a charity of the artist's choice.

Right now, Wall Blank is having a special Vault Sale, during which remaining copies of past prints are available. My picks, top: My Marvelous Flight by Wilmer Murillo, limited edition of 100 8-by-9-inch prints, $14, or 12-by-14-inch prints, $29

I Solemnly Stand by Jarrod Renaud, limited edition of 100 4-by-7-inch prints, $19, or 11-by-20-inch prints, $39

David and Me by Amy Rene, limited edition of 50 6-by-6-inch prints, $14, or 12-by-12-inch prints, $24

Air France by Nolan Webb, limited edition of 100 11-by-11-inch prints, $24

Layers by Gary Burke, limited edition of 75 13-by-16-inch prints, $29

I Would Rather Walk With You by Russell Leng, limited edition of 100 8-by-12-inch prints, $19, or 75 15-by-22-inch prints, $39

Trapeze Swinger by Cari Ann Wayman, limited edition of 15 15-by-20-inch prints, $49

Flower Parade by Brooke McAllister, limited edition of 75 8-by-12-inch prints, $19, or 12-by-18-inch prints, $29

Green Line by Kyle LaMere, limited edition of 100 8-by-12-inch prints, $19, or 12-by-18-inch prints, $29

Bead Strings by Nicky Linzey, limited edition of 50 6-by-8-inch prints, $17, or 13-by-18-inch prints, $29

Empty Park by Joel Childs, limited edition of 100 10-by-12-inch prints, $24

Albino Blue Jay, limited edition of 100 6-by-6-inch prints, $20

Today only (Wednesday, June 17), enter coupon code ONEDAY at checkout for an additional 15 percent off your order. Peruse all of the offerings at Wall Blank right here.


Melissa Blake said...

I love the shot of the train!

Danielle and Clint said...

Wow! You come up with some great collections!

Nicky Linzey said...

Thank you for featuring my print. But can you tell me - have you ever been paid by Wallblank for your sales? I'd be interested to know as I'm having difficulty with this myself & I haven't ever received the promised prints of my work. Thanks


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