Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cool Stuff: Muralettes Wall Decals

Genevieve Smith and Anna Conklin -- the women behind San Francisco's Magpie Decorative Painting company -- have just introduced Muralettes. Unlike most other wall decals, Muralettes appear to be hand-painted, showcasing subtle color variations and delicate brush strokes.

Designs include Branch and Bird (top), Garden of Posies (above), and Fishies (below). Though they were designed for kids' rooms, I could definitely see the branches in an adult space, and the posie design in a whimsical, feminine room.

The decals are $85 a set right here.


Julia said...

Those are really cute. It wouldn't be too hard to paint them on yourself either.

Randie said...

I really love these. I just wish they had some different color options.

robbie said...

those are cute. wall decals like that are great if you live in a appartment or dorm room, really any place you can't paint the walls.

a few places i found that are great places to get decals like that are

wall jungle its a cool place to get animal decals

and for modern stuff like the flowers and stuff in this blog are
wall splots

i have decals all over my house and my wife and myself love them

laura @ so alaurable said...

What great finds! I love the cabinets.

Joy said...

These are amazing. There is NO WAY I could paint these myself...do you know what it would cost to hire someone to paint these? LOTS! What a steal....

Anonymous said...

I love the color on these designs. For some intricate wall decals my favorite site is WALLTAT


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