Sunday, July 20, 2008

eBay Find of the Day: Vintage Letterpress Blocks

What would you do with this assortment of 65 vintage wooden letterpress blocks? Spell out your name on the mantel? Compose cryptic messages according to your mood? Pop random letters atop stacks of books on the bookshelf or into various vignettes on the coffee table, dresser-top, and other lonely surfaces around your home? Maybe even make something with them?

Whatever you decide to do with them, the letters (which range in size from a wee half-inch to 4 inches apiece) would certainly be fun to play with.

Current bid: $61. (Hurry -- the auction ends Monday afternoon, July 21.)


Kayell Arts said...

I actually came across this item while surfing ebay. Man, the things I could do with it!!! Sigh... if only I had the money to spend on such things.

Matt Osborne said...

do you nkow if this piece is still available anywhere?

Anonymous said...

There are beautiful necklaces on Etsy made from old letterpress type.


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