Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cool Stuff: Going Cuckoo

They're not cheap, but these inventive, Italian-made clocks will bring humor -- and even art -- to your walls while helping you stay on schedule. Above: Albero Clock, $350

Tip Top Clock, $299

Tu-Tu Clock, $299

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, $319

Cor_Nice Clock, $329

Sunking Clock, no price listed

See these and more modern clocks at Memento Italia.


AMM blog said...

Love these! I just saw a faux cuckoo clock @ Fred Flare last night that I thought was fun too!

Unknown said...

In addition to a huge line of traditional fine cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest, we are pleased to introduce this new line of re-designed Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks. North Coast Imports is the US distributor for this group of artists reimagining the cuckoo clock:

ali+heron said...

I LOVE these! Pining for the Albero Clock...

Anonymous said...

Infinity Arts also has some really lovely contemporary clocks -- and some of them would leave a little more green in your wallet:



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