Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Artful Home: Kelie Bowman

I absolutely adore these pieces by Kelie Bowman. They're funny, for one thing; I love the mix of literal interpretations of everyday phrases and the outrageous, surreal images created as a result (see Temporary Home, above). But they also make you stop and think -- about domesticity, relationships, family, community.

Bowman, a transplanted Floridan living and working in Brooklyn, has a collection of originals and prints available through Williamsburg's Cinders Gallery, which she co-founded with her partner, Sto. Her paintings "address the struggle to keep stability in one's life by way of the community. The idea of home is on Bowman's mind, as are the fragile moments of our existence. Subtle humor and violence creep into her soft and warm palate, giving a razor sharp edge to the work's gentle nature."

Take a look:

Self Storage

Made of Stone

Scarecrow Haven

Curb Your Dog




If Worse Comes to Worst

Bowman's watercolor and gouache originals start at about $150 and go way up from there. But her super-limited-edition screenprints can be had for as little as $30, and she also has a selection of equally limited-edition handmade books and 'zines starting at just $5 in the Cinders Shop:

We'll Keep Watch, $60

Ghost#1, $40

Crooked Smiles, Steady Voices and a Trunk Full of Cash, $30

See all of Bowman's currently available work right here.

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From Spain, I'm spanish. Really a very interesting artist. Thanks for your interesting information.


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