Thursday, December 6, 2007

Etsy Finds of the Day: Wrap It Up

This year, skip those tubes of generic holiday gift wrap and sheath your presents in something a bit more unique:

Top: Reese, Jacqueline, and Felicity; bottom: Liv, $4.50 per 24-by-36-inch, 50-percent recycled, soy-ink-printed sheet from ErinRuth

Jigsaw, three screenprinted 18-by-24-inch sheets for $12 from rifferraft

Falling Leaves, $9 for five 12-by-18-inch sheets (plus five decoupaged gift tags) from Wolfie and the Sneak

Starry and Deer, $5.50 for two 19-by-27-inch sheets from Fox Parlor

Hand-Stamped Paper and Ribbon, $4 for a 24-by-24-inch sheet and 1.5 yards of ribbon from cipolla

Doves, Gingerbread, Three French Hens, and Christmas Trees, $2 per 11-by-16-inch sheet from margin

Percy Penguin, $5.50 for one 32-by-24-inch hand-stamped sheet from makeanddokate88

Paper-Covered Tubes, $10 for four reusable 9.5-by-2-inch mailers from paperMachinations

Yuletide Greetings Altered Paint Can, $10 for a 1-gallon can from Keepsake Couture

Trinket Boxes, $6 for each 4-by-2-inch handmade origami box from Teresa's Art Studio

Santa and Blue Button Origami Pyramid Boxes, $8.50 for three and $5.50 for four 2.5-by-3-inch boxes from vvnvvn

Letterpress Buckles with Ribbon, $5.50 to $8 each from d. Sharp

Paper Flowers, $10 for 30 handmade 1-inch flowers in assorted colors from paperspoon

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Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful mention, Leah! You're so sweet! xoxo

blah said...

those little flowers are gorgeous - vvv cute :-)


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