Monday, December 10, 2007

Etsy Finds of the Day: Hang It

Now that you have your Etsy wrapping paper, gift tags, and holiday stockings, the only thing left (other than the gifts themselves, of course) is a collection of handmade ornaments. Luckily, those busy Etsy crafters don't disappoint.

Above: Bird Ornament, $14 from whatcha buildin

Three Turtle Doves Ornaments, $40 for the set from Kitchen Sink Handcrafts

Charming Bird Ornament, $10 from Raw Goods

Owl on a Branch Tree Ornament, $15 from Jessica Rose Cashmere

Mustard Bird, $8 from Jessica Jane

Porcelain Dove, $10 from Purple Petunia

Porcelain Lace Ornament, $15 from Deb Babcock

Mimiga Ornaments, $22 each from kwoozy handmade

Matryoshka Softie Ornament, $12 from Little Miss Acorn

Ugly Doll Ornaments, $22 for three from CraftVillage

Dotty Felt Ornaments, $22 for two from handmade by lupin

Felted Wool Ornaments, $14 for four from Maddyrose

Knitted Acorn Ornament, $6 from Burtonwood

Contemporary Christmas Baubles, $10 for two from moocow

The Pure Universe Origami Ornaments, $14 for seven from the Star Craft

Silver Foil Omaga Star Origami Ornaments, $25 for two from Fanshefolds

Flake and Ball Ornaments, $3 to $15 each from silvercocoon

OK, I swear that's it for holiday stuff on Etsy. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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