Friday, November 2, 2007

Cool Stuff: PB Teen Lighting

There once was a time when I devoured the Pottery Barn catalog (c'mon, admit it -- you did, too). These days, though, it usually thunks into the recycling bin straight out of the mailbox.

But I do still get excited about the arrival of the latest PB Teen catalog (although I often have to do battle with the kids to get my hands on it). It's modern and fun -- in stark contrast to its ubiquitous parent company's staid, sometimes snooze-inducing tastefulness.

I've been looking for a desk lamp for Austin to illuminate his daily hours-long homework slogfest, and I'm digging PB Teen's selection of task lighting -- so much so that I'm tempted to snap up a lamp or two for myself. The current offerings have an industrial, Machine-Age vibe, but are rendered in glossy, candy colors that make them irresistible. The prices can't be beat, either.

Take a look:

Lumi Accordion Wall Lamp, $69 each or two for $129

Lumi Table Lamp, $59

Hi-Light Floor Lamp, $149

Hi-Light Task Lamp, $69

Spot-On Light, on sale for $10

As Sprockets' Dieter might say, they make me as happy as a little giiirl. (Ah, Sprockets ... good times.)


deerseason87 said...

I have been wanting one of those Hi-Light lamps for ever, but they never seem to go on sale...

Sarah said...

I'll admit it. I was also obsessed with Pottery Barn when I was 15 and 16. That sounds like a long time ago until you know that I'm only 21...

Anonymous said...

I've been in love with their lighting for a while. I need a new desk lamp and it's prob coming from PBTeen since CB2 and Ikea have failed me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my kids must've already confiscated my copy of PB teen because I have not seen these! Very happy little lights!

Thanks for sharing these!

SGM said...

Me too, me too. I specifically called to be taken off the mailing list for the PB catalog but not PB Teen. Cutie cute stuff.

Design Porn said...

I had no idea that PB Teen is where all the cool lighting is, apparently. I've been typing in virtual darkness for weeks now cuz I couldn't find a lamp I liked, but these are practically edible they're so cute. Thanks, Leah.


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