Wednesday, November 28, 2007

eBay Find of the Day: Danish Modern Ducks

I've become sort of obsessed recently with vintage Danish Modern teak toys. They just have such a sweet simplicity to them, and add a winsome note to a shelf or tabletop vignette without sending you into a saccharine overdose.

This set of five teak ducks -- a mama and four babies -- was designed in the Fifties by Hans Bolling for Torben Orskov and measure between 5 and 9 inches tall.

I might just have to throw down for these.

Current bid: $34


Anonymous said...

If you love wooden ducks, Plastica has a natural wood duck that "walks" down a ramp. it's a light-medium wood color and is the cutest and most addicting thing to play with. They only have the colored wood duck pictured on the website (the unpainted one looks so much better and less child-like):
I can't drag my husband out of the store until he sees the darn duck walk down the ramp at least five times.

savvy lee said...

my dad is obsessed with this stuff, but he makes it. he saw these pictures and now hes making his own danish modern duck. :D


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