Monday, November 19, 2007

That's Random: My Chairs on HGTV

Nick and I were catching up on our Tivoed home shows this weekend when I did a double-take.

We were watching a new HGTV show called "Find Your Style," in which a designer helps homeowners figure out their aesthetic and create a room that better reflects it than the mish-mash they're currently living with. (God knows that we could use some help in that department.)

Anyway, something about one of the homeowners on the episode we were viewing -- as well as something about the room they were re-doing -- seemed naggingly familiar.

Then it hit me: A few months ago, I'd sold a pair of Danish modern armchairs via craigslist to the female half of the couple -- the exact chairs that were now sitting in their living room. I'd bought the chairs on eBay and really liked them, but the truth was we really didn't have a place for them in our home. Plus, they had a couple of missing buttons that, for whatever reason, I just couldn't deal with at the time. The chairs were relegated to the garage, where they sat for awhile before we decided to do a purge.

So I let them go -- and now here they were, looking quite handsome in someone else's house. I felt an immediate pang of seller's remorse.

Of course, the chairs were among the first things to be kicked to the curb when designer Karen McAloon helped the homeowners edit the room's contents (just as my kids gleefully predicted they would be). And I had to admit that the finished project did look a lot better than the pre-makeover space did.

But still, those chairs were pretty awesome. I wish I hadn't parted with them.

What became of the teak armchairs? "They're in the garage," the couple laughed.

Hmmm -- do you think they'd let me buy then back?


jessilong said...

Ha. That's awesome. I wish I would have been around to pick them up of the curb. Those are some sweet chairs.

Anonymous said...

Leah, that's hilarious! You not only write for, you sell chairs to its readers. Heck, I want those chairs. ;)

girl meets glamour said...

Wow! What a story! I wonder what they do with the furniture that they get rid of...hopefully you'll find out where the chairs went.


Sarah said...

Eh, the "after" is too beige. You should totally try to buy them back--I think they're so cute!

Anonymous said...

They aren't the best Danish Modern. Jens Risom's webbed chairs are way prettier (and may be the source that these were based on).


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