Friday, February 27, 2009

Cool Stuff: ISAK Leaf Cups

Be still my heart.

These ISAK Leaf Cups from Swedish graphic designer and illustrator Sandra Isaksson have oak lids to keep your drinks warm, or so they can be used as petite storage jars. And when they're not covering your tea or coffee, the lids become handy coasters.

They're £9.90 (about $14) each from UK retailer Cloudberry Living.

The coordinating Bread Board (which I also have to have) is £24 ($34).

(Via Design is Mine.)


Making it Lovely said...

I'm in LOVE. And totally jealous at the same time, because I wish I came up with that design.

Katie said...

oh good god! [faints!]

Leah said...

The design is pretty Cathrineholm-y, I have to admit.

I went ahead and ordered a set of the cups and the bread board, despite our "no-uneccessary-spending" vow right now. I just could not resist.

Kim Vallee said...

Totally awesome! I want it!

drollgirl said...


Dawn Alice Rogers said...

These are great! Would be a great design on fabric as well.


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