Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inspiration: Making the Bed

Face it: We could all stand to have a little more fun in bed. (And, yes, feel free to read that any way you want.)

I spotted this great Flickr set called "Making the Bed" by jek in the box (aka the L.A. craft blogger behind Scrumdillydilly) on Shelterrific awhile back and have been meaning to share it here ever since.

Especially on these cold, dreary, mid-winter mornings, who wouldn't want to wake up to such bright and cheerful bedding?

Admittedly, I've always been a white sheets and nothing-but-white sheets kind of gal. But these delightful jolts of color are inspiring me to be a bit ... wilder in the bedroom.

How about you?


ita darling. said...

YAY. what a fun post. this is what i have been doing with my bedding for a while (though i get some cringes from my mother when i dig through vintage pillowcases..) I love complementary yet mismatched bedding. Sets are boring. maybe I will send you a picture of my mismash ensemble... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh behave you saucy girl! ; )

Anonymous said...

This is just the blast of color i needed today. My sheets and covers are boring. I have to remedy that.

Just beautiful things... said...

Loved the cheerful bedding Leah and especially loved your statement about "having more fun in bed"! I most certainly did "read" into it as the first thing that popped into my mind was a bit of a naughty thought... Brought some humor to my day, thanks Leah:)


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