Thursday, January 15, 2009

Etsy Find of the Day: Devon Kelley-Yurdin

I'm utterly taken with these prints from Etsy seller, Pratt grad, and brand-new East Bay resident Devon Kelley-Yurdin. I especially love the combination of soft watercolor and pen-and-ink illustration in her pieces. Above: October 12-by-16-inch print, $30

Storm Clouds 11-by-14-inch print, $30

Just Balloons hand-bound book, $35

Recycle 11-by-14-inch print, $30

Two Hundred and Ninety Miles 11-by-14-inch print, $30

Check out all of Devon's Etsy offerings right here -- and see more of her work here.

P.S. Fingers crossed, I'll soon be the owner of this lovely original illustration/papercut from Ms. Kelley-Yurdin. Squeee!


Annady said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm falling in love with it all.

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic find! i love that top painting in striking.

Tori C. said...

I've been a longtime lurker of yours and love your Etsy finds - I'm obsessed with Etsy and your picks always take me to amazing baubles!!

Kat said...

Love the paper cut by Kelley-Yurdin.

Pixie said...

What some beautiful pieces of art! I hope you got your's amazing.

Anonymous said...

aw! Such a surprise! Devon went to high school with my younger sister...she's a really sweet girl as well as a fantastic artist. Way to promote her!


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