Thursday, November 6, 2008

Objects of Lust: Zoe Murphy Furniture and Textiles

Zoe Murphy only just got her degree in printed textiles this year and already she's making a splash in the British design world, exhibiting at design shows and being named a finalist for the BBC New Designer of the Year Award.

Murphy's custom creations combine exuberant color, imagery inspired by her seaside hometown of Margate, England, and "upcycled" materials -- resulting in reimagined products that are not only beautiful and fun, but eco-friendly.

Take a look:

Margate chest of drawers, £600 (about $962) and up

Printed cushions made from silk recycled from vintage wedding dresses, £88 and up

Menu numbers table, £150 ($241) and up

Margate textiles, screenprinted onto recycled silk

Patchwork footstool with recycled silk upholstery, £150 ($241) and up

Coffee table, £150 ($241) and up

Wall art printed onto reclaimed Formica, £55 ($88) and up

Find out more about Murphy's bespoke pieces right here.

(Via bettyjoy.)

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corine said...

My oh my I love this. maybe it's the big win. Everything is looking beautiful suddenly/


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