Monday, November 10, 2008

Cool Stuff: Sofa, So Good

I'm still on the hunt for a new sofa for our living room. Not that we have the cash to be buying major pieces of furniture right now, but hey -- that's never stopped me from looking and wanting before.

Almost all of the ones I have my eye on seem to share a few key traits: simple, relatively clean lines (though I am a sucker for a bit of button-tufting and perhaps a slight bohemian-louche vibe); tight backs; single-cushion seats; slim, sexy legs; and yummy gray velvet upholstery. My current faves: Long Snooze Sofa, above, from Ochre (No idea on the price, but I suspect it's steep.)

Jamie Dream Velvet Sofa, £2,075 (about $3,276) from Graham & Greene

Loring Sofa, $999 from Room + Board (I love the price and the look, but unfortunately this model wasn't that comfy when I tried it out in the store.)

Reese Sofa, $1,499 from Room + Board

Andre Sofa, $1,699 from Room + Board

Ditte Sofa, $3,498 from Anthropologie

Lampert Sofa, $2,950 from Jonathan Adler

Nell Sofa, $5,495 from Jayson Home & Garden (This one may just be my favorite -- but, ouch, that price!)

Wilshire Sofa, $2,950 from Williams Sonoma Home (This photo from the WSH website doesn't really do the couch justice; I've seen it in person and it's gorgeous.)

None of these has every single thing I want -- I'm lusting after a really deep sofa to curl up in, for instance, which seems to be hard to come by in a more tailored style. And none even has enough of my wish-list items while also being within the realm of financial possibility for us right now, so the search continues ...

By the way: Anyone out there know anything about having a sofa custom-made, or how much that costs? If so, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Having a sofa custom made is the only way to go. It's the best way to get EXACTLY what you want at the price you want. You'll find that having the sofa made isn't the expensive's the fabric. But, if you can find a good deal on your're set! Go to your favorite fabric store and ask for references for local upholsterers. My advice is find a decent upholsterer and moniter their progress. Go by their warehouse every few days to make sure they're making it just the way you intended and you can't go wrong! Good luck!

deerseason87 said...

I have the Burke from Room and Board and it was a GREAT investment. It's really comfortable (and fairly deep) for sitting and lying on, and it's held its shape and still looks stylish.

Jennifer said...

The WS Home sofa is gorge in person, I agree. Have you been to the Mitchell Gold showroom? You may find what you like there.

Unknown said...

Have you seen the Corona sofa at Macy's? It has a look similar to the Andre sofa you posted, but it's under $900. I have no idea if it's comfortable, though, because they don't have them in the local store.

Leah said...

Hi Jennifer -- nothing just right at Mitchell Gold, but thanks for reminding me about that resource!

Cindy -- I forgot that Macy's even had furniture. That Corona sofa is a steal at $699. I'm gonna have to find a Macy's and try that out. And the Martha Stewart Putnam sofa could be a contender, too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Room & Board Hutton sofa? I'm looking as well and keep coming back to it. No store in my area, may have to plan a trip to NY to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I've set my mind to the Gus Modern Jane sectional because it has more snuggle-capacity than a regular sofa:

(Discovered your blog yesterday and spent my entire Sunday afternoon browsing. Good posts!)

Leah said...

Hi Anon. -- that Hutton sofa is a beauty! I like that it's a good 4-5 inches deeper than most of the other R&B sofas. If only it had a single seat cushion instead of two, and a tight back instead of those four back pillows, it would be absolutely perfect. (I wish you could order the basic sofa and then specify cosmetic things like how many cushions, etc.! Why doesn't one of the big furniture chains offer that sort of semi-customization?)

Marie -- the Gus Modern Jane is great, although we don't have room for a sectional, and the Jane couch has too many cushions for my liking. I really like the Rochelle. and the Spencer, tho. Both of those are very close.

I'm loving these suggestions, everyone. Please keep 'em coming -- I know my perfect sofa is out there somewhere!

Lynne Rutter said...

if you like that look and want really top quality upholstery then have a look at a vintage pieces or have a custom one made at retrospect on market st in SF
they rebuilt my loveseat and it's not only styling (lime green linen velvet) but it's really sturdy and comfortable.

Unknown said...

Rowe Furniture has a couple of good sofas, too. The Larkin and the Berkley have those buttoned pillows. I think they are in the over $1k price range, but they are supposed to be well-made and you can choose your fabrics.

Also, let me know if Macy's Corona sofa is comfortable!

beachbungalow8 said...

I vote for that last one. It seems to hit all the marks. I hate WSH pricing though. I think it's stupid high.

Anonymous said...

The Anthropologie Ditte sofa is now on sale: $1499 in "leaf":

Leah said...

Anon. -- very tempting ... thanks for the tip!

thebubbreport said...

I noticed the ditte sofa in a neutral color was for sale today - can't remember if it was brown or gray. I'm really drawn to it and am VERY tempted, but I have two concerns:

1) do the legs look cheesy in person?

2) is it as uncomfortable as it looks?

I do love the lines of it though!


Anonymous said...


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