Thursday, November 20, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: Flock Home Textiles

I'm digging these nature-inspired textiles from Oakland's own Flock Home (aka designer Gina Pericini). How great would they be for a Thanksgiving table? Plus, Pericini uses natural linen and non-toxic dyes, so all of her products are eco-friendly. Above: Stag Beetle Cocktail Napkins, $32 for four

Flock of Swallows Pillow, $90

Cat Tail Dinner Napkins, $32 for two

Queen Anne's Lace Pillow, $90

Sea Botanical Dinner Napkins, $36 for two

Sea Botanical Placemats, $82 for two

See all of Flock Home's Etsy offerings right here.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty, but I could never spend $80 on 2 placemats. Come on, girl, please post us some real stuff here. Don't go all "Elle Decor" on us.

Leah said...

Anon. -- agreed, those placemats are pretty pricey, and the pillows aren't cheap. But the napkins aren't too bad, and I would totally swoop up that set of four beetle-printed cocktail napkins for $32. So I do think there's a reasonable range of prices there.

Plus, original designs that are handmade with quality materials DO cost more, and I think that's fair.

But trust me, I really do try my best to "keep it real." Our budget is small, like many of yours, and I drool over WAY more things than I ever actually buy.

I promise that I will never show you a $5,000 couch or a $300 vase and act as though that's even remotely within the realm of possibility for most of you. (I may still show you the couch and the vase, but it will be with the understanding that they're just for all of us to look at and breathe a communal sigh over.)

Thank you for the feedback -- I love to hear it, good or bad!



Anonymous said...

I agree with both of you. I could never pay that much for placemats or pillows, but it doesn't mean I don't understand the value of handmade design. I love that swallows pillow and would maybe splurge on one special piece because I knew that it was like a work of art.

Please, don't post $300 vases just because I would probably want it, and then feel annoyed that I couldn't buy it.

Lauren said...

Hi Leah!
I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! So much so, I did a lil shout out to you on my own blog!

As for these beauties, expensive as they may be, they are still inspiring, and the idea I think is priceless...makes me think of making my own for a Christmas dinner table setting!
Thats what I love about design, it's not the cost as much as it is the inspiration, and that's why I love blogging and reading others, the sharing of ideas, style, talents, and all that, is just wonderful!

Thank you for a great blog!


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