Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mark Your Calendar: First Friday Openings

Looks like another great collection of gallery shows at this month's Oakland Art Murmur, Friday, August 1, from 6 p.m. to 9-ish:

* The second anniversary party at Industrielle, featuring new work from Sita Rupe (top) and others

* The Sum of Its Parts, with art by Laura Ball (above) and seven other artists, at Swarm Gallery

* Radialvedic, with contributions from Kristina Lewis, Jill Gallenstein, and Kana Tanaka, at Johansson Projects

* Cityscapes, with images from a variety of fine art photographers, at Rock Paper Scissors

* A Sacred Subject, featuring work from Clay Cahoon, Hunter Mack, and Rocky Rische-Baird (above), at Esteban Sabar

* A.K.A. Graffiti, with Peeta and others, at FiveTen Studio

* Audrey Welch's Random Thoughts at WELL

You can find more info about the Art Murmur right here.

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