Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cool Stuff: Lotte Lamps

I just discovered these sweet lamps in an array of mouthwatering colors from Lotte Lamps.

In operation since 1957, Lotte Lamps was founded by Danish immigrants Lotte and Gunnar Bostlund, who crafted lighting based on the Bauhaus principles and modern European aesthetic in which they were trained. Today, the company is run by Victor and Laura Aume, who continue to make each lamp by hand in their barn in rural Ohio, using many of the Bostlund's original molds.

The lamps feature heavy stoneware bases in 14 hues and a variety of sizes and midcentury-inspired shapes, and are paired with fiberglass or linen shades.

Prices for the lamps range from $125 to $475. Click here for more info.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and I had to post a note when I saw the Lotte lamps! I worked at a store that had carried these lamps basically from the beginning and I have to testify to the quality and beauty of these lamps. The new owners are really wonderful to work with. In addition, the shades are made of fiberglass made from recycled glass so they are eco-friendly as well!

Anonymous said...

Check EBay for Palshus lamps - they are similar and vintage. I've been a big Palshus fan from way back, but don't own a lamp (yet).

Anonymous said...

If anyone runs across this post. I've tried purchasing from Lotte Lamps but believe they have gone out of business.


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