Thursday, July 17, 2008

Etsy Find of the Day: YooLa Crocheted Metal

Using a tiny crochet needle and coated copper wire, Etsy seller YooLa -- aka Israeli industrial designer Yael Falk -- creates the most intriguing and ethereal objets.

I especially love her abstracted pomegranates, which mimic the form of the fleshy fruit, but do it in an airy, almost ghostly way.

In fact, these remind me a little bit of Ruth Asawa's amazing crocheted metal sculptures.

Prices range from $42 for this vase to $65 to $95 for the pomegranates.

Check out all of YooLa's crocheted metal designs (she has some gorgeous jewelry, too) right here.


dee said...

These are so beautiful...I would love them for a windowsill or mantle. Great finds!

kristy said...

hi leah! i just recently found your blog and adore it! i awarded you a premio blog award, check it out and award some of your favorite blogs too:)


Leah said...

Thanks so much, Kristy -- I'm honored!


Art Department Store said...

Loved those on etsy too--makes me want to find some soft wire and crochet and knit--very cool idea

Unknown said...

I love those pomegranates! Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Anonymous said...

ohhh I like. Just when I thought everything in the world has already been done someone pops up on etsy doing something totally original. (if I haven't seen it, it's new to me!) I felt the same way about the chick who crochets over metal hoop earrings.

Very cool indeed.

Melissa said...

Oh how wonderful those pomegranates are!

YooLa said...

Im so happy that my designs were chosen to appear on this wonderful blog,
thank you Leah and thanks all of you for your compliments :)
Yoola (yael)

Anonymous said...

I love Yoola's work. Have you seen Jriot's? He also crochets wire that sometimes resembles Ruth Asawa's work.


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