Monday, April 20, 2009

Cool Stuff: TapeSwell

Taping boxes closed has never looked so fun.

Started by a stylist who used packing tape daily but was frustrated by its lack of aesthetic appeal, TapeSwell purveys a variety of decorative tapes, mailing labels, and envelope wraparounds in pretty patterns. My faves:


Pink Twig



Purple Branch

Emerald Chain

Faux Bois

Leaf Medley


The 2-inch-by-30-yard tapes are just $7 a roll right here.

And hey, why stop at boxes? An edging of decorative tape would add color and flair to a lampshade, a picture frame, a drawer-front, or a variety of other surfaces around the house. What would you use it for?

(Via Daily Candy.)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wow. what a helpful post. i love the wooden tape!

DHB said...

These are so cute! I think a draw front would be cool or as a drawer lining.


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