Friday, April 3, 2009

Shameless Request: Want to Show Off Your Home?

Calling all creative homeowners and renters: Show off your deft decorating, renovation, and garden design skills here!

Your house or apartment doesn't have to have grand architecture or be done to the nines to be considered. Small and modest is great. Budget decorating is great. The key components are creativity and freshness.

Hell, you don't even have to show off your whole place -- I'd love to see a single room, a completed renovation project, or even a small area that you've decorated and are particularly proud of.

If you're interested in offering up your abode for one of my "House Voyeur" tours, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

I'm about to complete a total overhaul of my bathroom using nothing but cunning,courage, and my own two hands right down to a home sewn shower curtain. My sources (me) have led me to believe that the project will be nothing short of a genius driven miracle. I'll submit pictures when I finish to see if they pass muster.

Leah said...

Please do!


tif said...

These frames were found in my parents basement, the chest of drawers that was saved from bulk trash day from the neighbor, we actually turned it into a bar, and the artwork is from etsy and framed. Nothing terribly fancy, but the only cost was the spraypaint, sanding paper, and drawer pulls for everything... and a whole lot of elbow greese!

there are also a few more pictures of the interior of the living room.

Leah said...

Thanks for sharing, Tif -- very chic!


Anonymous said...

After that Noe house we're suppose to pony up?

I'll send pics of our new bathroom. It's pretty great looking when it doesn't have four towels drying at the same time.

Leah said...

Tiffany S. -- I know, it's a hard act to follow!

But seriously, I will take all comers, as long as you've done something creative and eye-catching with your space. (Actually, those homes are often the *most* inspiring, since they have elements that anyone can try, no matter what their budget.)

I'd love to see your bathroom!


God Museum said...

I've been having a little fun incorporating some recently inherited pieces into my tiny s.f. apartment. I'll try to take some pics and send you pics and see what you thin.

Leah said...

Hi Amy,

I'd love to see them!


eileenerb said...

Gosh. I'm suffering a crisis of confidence having my house rejected and seeing all these other beauties up here. I believe I shall go paint then slit my wrists. (Kidding.) I did repaint the dining room and love it, so thanks for the impetus, I think.

Unknown said...

id love to share my ONE BEDROOM APT and how it has changed with small details. From chile!!!

Leah said...

Superami -- I'd love to see it! Can you get in touch with me via email?

Tiffany S. said...

Every time I get in the shower (EVERY DAY) I remind myself to take photos for you!

But first I had to figure out how to get hard water/soap scum off the glass doors. Guess what works? Mr. Clean Magic Sponge and dishwashing soap! Thank you interwebs!


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