Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Artful Home: Lisa Solomon at Tiny Showcase

I think I had a little too much fun last night, and I'm paying the price for it this a.m. (I'm not 22 anymore, though I occasionally forget that.) So I'm not even going to try to say anything remotely articulate here right now.

Anyway: New lovely loveliness from one of my very favorite local artists, Lisa Solomon. The limited-edition "Doily Body: Lungs" print, released yesterday evening, is $20 at Tiny Showcase. They're almost gone, so grab yours quick.

Now, it's a couple of Advil, a handful of Tums, and back to bed for me ... I'll see you back here a little later, if my head doesn't explode first.


Tiffany S. said...

Cute lungs!

Yes, honey, we're too old for shots, except maybe flu.

Feel better!

Leah said...

Uh, ya think??

Don't worry, I've learned my lesson ...


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