Monday, November 3, 2008

My Google Ads Have Gone Rogue

Hey all -- I just want to apologize for the putrid "YES on 8" messages that showed up in my Google Ads boxes this morning. I don't control the advertisements that pop up there (although they're supposed to key off what I'm featuring on the blog, so at least they'll be somewhat relevant), and "Yes on 8" absolutely does NOT reflect my own opinion.

The ads are gone now. (And if you're in California, I hope you'll vote AGAINST legalized discrimination at the polls tomorrow.)

Sorry, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Those bastards at Google!

Sarah Bradley said...

Thank you for being against legalized discrimination. If only everyone would see it this way and not feel threatened by two people loving each other and wanting rights.

Anonymous said...

Here's a way for other bloggers to block these hateful banner ads from their sites.

Go to and follow the steps.

Thanks to Paul Hogarth from the Daily Kos ( for this info.

Holly said...

i saw this on another blog this AM and notified the blogger, who was also horrified.

no on 8!!!

Unknown said...

Ah, I wonder if that's why Yes ads are also popping up on Apartment Therapy today. Thanks for clarifying (and banishing the ads)!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Leah! I'm about one Yes on 8 advertisement away from spiraling into madness, so thanks for doing your part.


Kristi said...

Argh, I just realized I also have the same ads on my page. It's disgusting.

Vote no on 8 people! said...

Ditto on all of the above, and thanks to the poster who added a link with instructions to get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to remove those horrible ads. I want to boycott adsense alltogether. I am mad as hell and I won't take it anymore. To think my blog is dirtied and used like this, yeaack!

Lynne Rutter said...

really sorry you got hit, too!
yes on 8 ads took over a lot of blogs and social networking sites. in clear violation of their own adwords policy, google allowed these people buy keywords of any and every type including "no on 8" keywords and pitching to demographic-specific sites that would not ordinarily allow this type of ad.
they have since tried to explain this but they have not apologized for it. i just saw this and thought you'd be interested:

no matter how much money your blog might make from hosting adsense, it's nothing compared to how much google profited from this unethical tactic, and i know more than a few publishers who are removing their adsense altogether in an effort to control their content.


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