Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cool Stuff: Repeat Pattern Products at Olio United

For its just-opened Repeat show, Portland's Olio United asked ten artists to create limited-edition products featuring "functional patterns." Each item is a piece of art in its own right, but can also "be used for something crafty, clever, and beautiful."

For those of us who aren't lucky enough live in Portland, Olio has made the products available on the store's website. Take a look:

Julia Rothman's Fabric Packs, $18 each

Joanna Bean's Teardrop Postcards, $5 for eight

Palindrome Press's Facets Print Poster, $45, and Facets Letterpress Card, $5

Pattern People's Under the Leaves Poster, $30

Katie Kulper's Handprinted Handkerchiefs, $10 each

Ashley Sheping's Blue Safari Card Set, $20

Katie Kirk's Packing Tape, $12 per roll

Robin Schmitt's Gocco Printed Fabric Panels, $20 each

See all of the exclusive Repeat products right here -- and if you're in Portland, be sure to swing by Olio United to check out the show in person.

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