Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cool Stuff: New Tikoli Tea Towels

Some mouthwatering new tea towels from Oakland's own Tikoli (previously blogged here):

Left to right: Blok; Mummy 2; Neuling


Bisou 2

Snap 'em up right here for just $9.50 apiece.


Sara Christine said...

Oh these are just gorgeous! I wish they sold fabric by the yard. How fun would it be as a skirt or little tote bag!?

Jane Flanagan said...

Doh! I added 3 to my basket and was just about to check out, but they don't ship to Canada :(

They are gorgeous though!

Michelle said...

Why why why! The cirius would be GORGEOUS in my kitchen. I just don't think I can face $10 kitchen towels that my husband would likely use to clean up spilled grape juice. Maybe just one... or two.

Anonymous said...

hi, maja from tikoli here.

leah- thanks for the post. go oakland!

sara christine- totes are actually in the works...something for you to look forward to in '09.

jane- we do ship outside the US, but we have to do it manually. send your order to orders[AT]tikoli.com or call and we'll take it over the phone.

michelle- just tell your hubby the towels are "off limits" :)


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