Monday, December 17, 2007

Cool Stuff: Inke Wallpaper Trees

Given my irrational and out-of-control obsession with tree silhouettes, I would love nothing more than to have a tree mural somewhere in my home.

I'm a bit intimidated about the idea of painting it freehand, though -- so these wallpaper trees from Dutch designer Inke Heiland might just be the perfect solution.

The trees come in spring, summer, and fall palettes -- each sporting colorful vintage-wallpaper leaves appropriate to the season, and each with several choices for a patterned or solid-colored trunk. The trees arrive in five parts (mounting instructions and glue are included) and cost 195 euros (about $283).

To complete the effect, Inke also offers wall-mounted birdhouse lamps (145 euros, or $210 each) and flocks of patterned avians (16 euros a pair, or $24) to add to the wallpaper mural.

See all of Inke's creations -- including the wildly popular wallpaper wildlife (perfect for kids' rooms) and the new interior series -- right here.


alissa said...

What a fun idea! Especially for a kids room. The birds are my favorite part-great find!

Kelly said...

LOVE those trees. perfect for a play room.


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