Friday, December 12, 2008

Over and Out

Have a delicious weekend!


Just Me said...

Hmm… it looks delicious!
Nice photo!

Jean Campbell said...

coincidence: I arrived on your blog and looked down at my mug of hot chocolate with a generous handful of mini marshmallows and a spoon.

My mug has on the side: 'First Baptist Church of Colquitt, GA Sowing Seeds of Love' and a sunrise logo. A gift to visitors, I love the generous handle and use it frequently.

Lovebird said...

lovely photo.....i just came across your blog and i am loving all your posts.

Emily S. said...

thanks for the photo credit! Do you visit my blog ever? Or just Flickr?

(P.S. Is the Berkeley Colorful house YOURS? From a while back? I adore it!!)


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